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Committed to providing the best quality care in Camden

About Health Start Chiropractic


Health Start Chiropractic is an initiative created to provide the highest quality care to the Camden & surrounding areas. By providing thorough and outstanding service, Health Start Chiropractic aims to treat and educate the community in how to maintain optimal spinal and musculoskeletal health. The team at Health Start Chiropractic carries a diverse and experienced approach to achieve this mission. Visit us to experience the difference.

Who is Health Start Chiropractic?

Dr Daniel Ayala BChiroSc MChiro DipRM DipSport (Athlete Support Services)

Dr Daniel is an experienced and motivated Chiropractor who is passionate about the health and lifestyle of his community. He has made it his personal goal to improve the quality of life of every patient he encounters and also educate the community about the importance of achieving their health goals.

Dr Daniel has a vast amount of experience treating a range of conditions from soft tissue injuries, to complex musculoskeletal issues and sports performance. He has developed a keen interest in sports medicine and has pursued post graduate studies in sports injury management and prevention. He has worked alongside a variety of heath professionals including GPs, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and Neurosurgeons in order to acquire his patient's health goals. Dr Daniel has also worked with elite sporting teams in both the AFL & NRL as well as individual elite athletes.

Dr Daniel is very popular with his patients due to his laid back and charismatic nature, as well as his enthusiastic approach in teaching patients how to be self dependent with their health, and to not be reliant on practitioners or medication.

Domenico Silvano Dip Health Science (Massage Therapy)

Domenico is a highly respected and sought after Massage Therapist who is driven to enhance and help people of all ages to get the most out of their day. The diversity of his previous work as well as 20 plus years of extensive clinical experience, has allowed him to gain an unparalleled amount of knowledge and wisdom in massage therapy/musculoskeletal care, which he continues to deliver to the Macarthur area. His broad range of techniques include Remedial Therapies, Myofascial release, Relaxation, Rehabilitative and Sports Massage to name a few.

He prides himself in providing a thorough, tailored, and high level of care to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. 

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